Bathtub Resurfacing

MB Link Refinishing is the Dayton’s Bathtub Refinishing professional’s choice of thousands of homeowners and property managers. MB Link’s Bathtub Refinishing (Resurfacing) is the most affordable alternative to replacing your bathtub. Refinishing will save you time, money, and a bunch of headaches!

The actual bathtub resurfacing process only takes a few hours. Usually a standard sized bathtub takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to refinish plus a 24-hour drying period. The entire process is done on site. This means the bathtub is not removed from its place so there is no dust or huge piles of trash waiting to be removed from your home. Dayton Bathtub refinishing (Resurfacing) is also very inexpensive compared to tearing out and replacing your tub. It costs a fraction of what a bathtub replacement would cost. Many customers will save up to 70% of the cost of replacing their tub by refinishing it instead.

Bathtub Refinishing Dayton Ohio experts can refinish all kinds of tubs with our proven bathtub refinishing method. If you have a porcelain, metal, cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass, or cultured marble bathtub it can be refinished!

Countertop Resurfacing

Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Dayton Ohio

MB Link Refinishing Dayton Ohio offers a great alternative to replacing your countertops. Dayton Ohio Bathtub & Countertop Refinishing offers the best quality, service and price in town. This process saves you money and time on renovations, and will extend the useful life of your countertop. Without even touching the walls or replacing the appliances, a skilled countertop-refinishing job can make your kitchens seem larger, brighter and more comfortable.

What type of finish is applied on the countertops?

MB Link Refinishing applies a durable Stone-Fleck imitation finish when refinishing bathroom and kitchen countertops. This finish is of the highest quality and technology in kitchen and bathroom countertop refinishing. A clear coat of a two component, high solids, high performance acrylic urethane that uses resin rich layer technology combined with special additives to duplicate the durability, impact, & scuff resistance of real stone, offering the best long term protection for the refinishing of countertops.

What type of countertops can be refinished?

Almost all kinds of kitchen and bathroom countertop materials can be refinished. The materials that can be refinished include laminate, cultured marble, tile, and Formica.

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Bathtub and Countertop Repair’s

Bathtub Repair

MB Link Refinishing can repair all kinds of bathtubs. Our refinishing specialists repair damages to bathtubs that include rust, holes, cracks, and chips. We can repair the damaged area and refinish only the repaired area if the rest of the bathtub is in good condition.

So if you have a brand new bathtub and someone dropped a heavy object on it causing it to chip, you do not have to replace the entire bathtub. Just give us a call and we will repair the chip. You won’t even be able to tell that there was a chip there before!

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MB Link’s Bathtub Refinishing Dayton Ohio Process

MB Link’s Bathtub Refinishing Dayton Ohio Process

  1. Call today to get your free estimate! Most bathtub and countertop refinishing quotes can be done over the phone or with a few pictures that you can email or txt to us.
  2. When you are ready to schedule your bathtub refinishing appointment, just give us a call 937-429-0698.
  3. On the day of the appointment the technician will arrive at the specified time and begin the work right away. The entire process will only take a few hours. When finished, we will clean up.
  4. The following day after your bathtub has cured, MB Link Refinishing will return and look over our work. If everything is satisfactory we will buff out the surface to remove any dust particles or imperfections. This is an important step in the bathtub resurfacing process; every home has dust floating in the air that may makes it way to the new refinished surface. Dayton’s best bathtub refinishing company does not charge for this service.
  5. On completion you will inspect the work to make sure you are completely satisfied. You and the technician will go over the warranty and sign the invoice after payment is made and you will receive your copy for your records.
  6. After the follow up is completed, you will be able to use your brand new-looking bathtub again!

And if you have any questions, we will always be here for your support.


MB Link Bathtub Refinishing Dayton Ohio Steps:

  1. The technician cleans the surface thoroughly. He removes all soap scum, mold, etc.
  2. The technician acid-etches the bathtub to achieve a better adhesion of the new finish. (When working on fiberglass or plastic-like tubs, the technician will sand down the surface to achieve the same results as the acid).
  3. If the surface has any chips, cracks, or rust, the technician will repair all these prior to spraying to make sure the surface is completely smooth. If you have any chips the first 3 small chips will be repaired as part of the job any additional repairs if need will be discussed with the technician prior to start of the work.
  4. When the surface is prepared and ready for the spraying, the technician will protect the surrounding area with paper and plastic.
  5. We will then spray 2 coats of primer to the surface.
  6. After the primer, we will spray 3 coats of the actual topcoat. The topcoat that we use is aliphatic-based ASTM TYPE 5 urethane (acrylic polyurethane) coating system, producing a super tough film that extends the coating life-span. It is the most durable finish in the refinishing industry.
  7. Next day follow up we will buff, caulk and clean everything up.


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