Many consumers have questions about refinishing; What is bathtub refinishing? What is reglazing? It is the same as bathtub resurfacing? What surfaces can refinishing be performed on? Can my bathtub be refinished? Can I change the color of my bathtub? Can my ceramic tile wall be refinished? What are the benefits of bathtub refinishing over replacement? Is a refinished bathtub better? What are the costs of refinishing my bathtub? What are the benefits of bathtub refinishing?

Basically, the kitchen and bath refinishing industry provides a durable, economical service to homeowners, hotel operators, and apartment complexes; the refinishing of bathtubs, tile, countertops, sinks and vanities, and major appliances. All of these things can become scratched, dull, or have outdated colors, yet still be structurally sound and working. Refinishing a bathtub, also known as reglazing, takes only a few hours, and imparts a brand new surface on the original bathtub, without removal. The result is a bathtub which has a brand new, shiny clean, durable, high gloss surface in any color the customer chooses. Bathtub refinishing allows customers to design any style bathroom in any color scheme, without having to choose colors based on the original bathtub, sink, or toilet color. Ceramic tile can be repaired and resurfaced as well, allowing for complete bathroom color changes in a matter of hours, without disrupting the walls, plumbing or electrical work inside of a bathroom. Bathtub refinishing can be performed on porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic.

Hawk Research Laboratories is the leading supplier of bathtub refinishing chemicals and supplies. It’s refinishing products are known the world over, and they have been installed on millions of bathtubs, sinks, and tile walls all over the planet. You may not notice our products at first glance, because the surface looks like brand new ceramic and porcelain surfaces, but what you’re actually looking at is the result of over 35 years of experience and top quality coatings! Choosing bathtub refinishing over replacement also helps the environment by minimizing landfill from discarded bathtubs and sinks, as well as other construction debris. Be sure to choose a bathtub refinisher who uses the most trusted refinishing supplies in the business….Hawk Research Labs!


Hawk Labs my supplier furnished this article.


  1. That’s very true what you said about how a bathtub can become scratched or become dull over the years, and this is why refinishing is necessary. I’ve heard that the typical bathtub will last for up to 15 years before any sort of refinishing or repair is necessary, so that’s important to remember. I’ll be sure to keep this great information in mind as my wife and I consider all of our options for our remodeling we want to do this summer.

  2. Right now, my husband and I are planning to remodel our master bathroom. We want to make sure that it looks just like how we’ve envisioned it. As you mentioned, having the tub refinished would allow for a brand new, shiny clean, durable, high gloss surface. This seems like a much more affordable option compared to buying a new tub.

  3. I think it’s interesting that refinishing a bathtub can give a new surface to one that’s old and faded. My husband and I just bought a house built in the 50s, and we wanted to replace the bathtub because it was really dull and scratched. Maybe we can have it refinished, and then we wouldn’t have to have a new one installed.

  4. It’s good to know that bathtub refinishing really only takes a couple of hours. My wife and I would love to have our bathroom remodeled soon, and our bathtub definitely needs some attention. I wouldn’t mind having it refinished seeing just how quick it would be.

  5. It really helped when you said that refinishing the tub will only take a few hours and will give it a new look without the need to remove the tub. This just made me convinced to go for this type of service instead because I think it will save me a lot of money since no removal is needed. We needed to get the bathtub fixed because it looks filthy no matter how hard I try to clean it. I thought we have to buy a new one, so it’s great to know about this process because we don’t have extra cash to buy a brand new tub. Thanks!

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